Mike Maroney – Former Pararescueman and INDOC Instructor 1996 – 2017, 

Retired Master Sergeant  


Mike served with the 38th RQS, 320th STS, 66th RQS, as well as the 308th RQS. He has multiple deployments including: Operations Northern and Southern Watch Turkey and Kuwait, Mozambique, Pakistan, Okinawa, Mindanao Quick Reaction Force, New Orleans Hurricane Katrina. He is responsible for more than 5000 rescues, water and land. He is specialized in Field Medicine, multiple deep water diving certifications, Alpha Warrior Training and is a gifted public speaker.  


Mike specializes in training special operators in all levels of their career. He has keen insight into the requirements of developing a successful special operator given his experience and ability to stay up to date on current requirements. He maintains his own physical fitness, brain health as well as continued spiritual well being. He desires to develop the whole human being as a special operator as each component is exceptionally important to success. Mikes unique set of experiences as a Pararescueman and INDOC instructor allows him use his determined nature for excellence in his training methods. In the pool he takes his time in explanation and demonstrates his requirements of his students. He focuses heavily on water confidence expecting diligence in performance of underwaters, finning, drown proofing, free style, treading as well as other necessary components to water confidence. Mike has accumulated more than forty years in the water and has mastered his strength and technique allowing him the ability to identify potential debilitating actions on the part of the special operator. His swiftness in correction is the key to optimal training and development. Mike has trained thousands of operators in his career and his direct and comprehensive approach incorporates his knowledge of human resilience as well as the negative symptoms of self doubt which can stymie an operator. 


Currently he and his team train “Cones” in preparation for Air Force and multi branch enlistment, those currently in the pipeline as well as International Students from the Defense Language Institute to meet their criteria for graduation and promotion . Utilizing water confidence, heat training, yoga, breath work and ocean experiences to support growth and learning. In addition, he encourages consistent service to the community and regularly embarks on service projects building leadership skills and team cohesiveness.