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Cone Fit, LLC is a veteran own company specializing in the development of special operators at multiple stages in the pre-pipeline, A & S pipeline as well as post-career transition phase. In addition Cone Fit, LLC serves as a special operator developer and civilian recruiting agent who uses advanced investigative skills to determine and recommend candidates for Special Operator positions with in the United States Military. Mike Maroney our development and recruiting specialist utilizes multiple years of experience as an INDOC instructor to educate and train candidates, in order to build a qualified and whole operator. Peak Performance trainer Shanda Stevens specializes in training potential operators using psychological assessments, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Alpha/Theta training as well as Tactical Therapeutic techniques to mitigate potential future PTS symptoms, instill skills for stress inoculation and flow state training. Through the duration of training, performance tracking and assessment is maintained and recorded. Our developers are trained and certified in multiple training modalities and bring years of personal and professional experience to the program. In addition, they consistently think outside of the box maintaining flexibility in their training methods and customizing teaching to the individual ensuring optimum results. Our goal at Cone Fit, LLC is to develop and deliver an operator who physically exceeds standards, who is able to think and process information in an insightful and technical way, who understands their mental process and who has the ability to ebb and flow into any mission foreign or domestic.  Our trained operators will be able to lead without hesitation and assist in matters which are beyond set requirements in confidence.  Communication between staff and our developers is key and will be maintained throughout the training period in order to ensure all goals and developmental markers are achieved. 

The Cone Fit Method

The Cone Fit Method is a process of assessment and training that encompasses self-motivation, one on one training and leadership development. Participants will be expected to adapt to the ins and out of this method which will challenge perceptions, expectations, and beliefs. Participants are expected to perform and be willing to experience new forms of training and thinking. This method is not for those who desire strict predictable methods of training. The Cone Fit Method is for those who are seeking more, are willing to push themselves to new limits, be open to new ideas and challenge their human potential.