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Relationships can challenge our egos in ways that can be confusing and often times frustrating. Being healthily committed to another person requires patience, respect and the ability to communicate effectively with love and understanding. Being in a relationship does not mean that we have the right to demand things from our partner or expect them to provide for all of our needs. A functional and successful relationship is a couple who can look at their own faults and work to better themselves. It contains partners who do not judge or hold the other back from their personal growth.  A relationship of peace and harmony is attainable as long as each individual knows themselves and is willing to approach the union with optimism, openmindedness, adventure, love, like and kindness. There are many other aspects to a relationship that I do not mention here but this gives you an overview of things that can easily get sidetracked and bruised in partnerships. This is true, we all want to be loved and accepted just as we are, but often times we hold back in fear that we will be rejected. This shows up frequently in the primary relationship. Whether your relationship is in need of a basic tune-up or a shock to its system I am here to assist and guide you both. There are many paths to success, allow me to walk along with you as you reach new and deeper levels of satisfaction, intimacy, trust and deep love in your relationship. 

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