Individual Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring

The word therapy can be intimidating, and can lead one to turn away based on the pretense of what therapy has become to mean. Our minds can imagine up a scenario where the client is laying on a couch purging out unwanted feeling, with cries and sobs while a therapist nods and says, uh-huh...that sounds awful!

My approach to therapy is allowing you space to tell me your story in what ever capacity that is. There is no strict protocol I simply follow and then guide you. Feeling stuck in your life? We can find the root and then move you forward. Unhappy in your relationship we look for opportunities to discover your personal growth and path to peace. Are you in the midst of a life transition and can't seem to navigate your way through in the way you would like? No problem I believe I have a map for that! We work together, at your pace at your discretion on your time!

Personal coaching is an alternative to regular talk therapy and can be used to assist you in projects, career choices, family dynamics, personal growth and more.

Mentoring is a way for me to work with you on a regular basis in person or remotely. This is a great option for those who travel frequently and need short but regular check ins. This program is designed to motivate you for change and keep you grounded and on you path in order or you to reach your goals and become your highest and best self!