Waves of Change Performance Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Shanda and Mike seek to serve a vast population of individuals seeking personal change and growth. Waves of Change focuses on a variety of therapeutic interventions including, Neuro and Biofeedback, Psychotherapy, Tactical Therapeutics, Sound Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Surf Therapy, Water Confidence, Art Therapy as well as hosting guest speakers and practitioners. We seek to elevate the individual and teach them the way into their own inner strength.We host couples retreats, women and men's retreats, PTSD retreats, ,meditation retreats and more. The goal of our retreats is to bring each individual into their own highest state of well being. Whether that is uncovering and resolving childhood trauma, past traumatic events, life stage transition, marriage and relationships, divorce, career, retirement and more. Self actualization is the primary goal in each of our retreats and we will assist and guide you in your journey.

Waves of Change accepts tax deductible donations. All donations go toward the growth and development of our institute. We desire to provide low cost or free therapeutic services whenever possible, offer technological based interventions and provide retreat travel scholarships to those in financial need. To learn more or to donate please inquire HERE. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click HERE